X-tra base


Manufacturer: Voco

Origin: Gremany

Package: Box

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X-tra base is a flowable light-curing base composite  X-tra base


  • Base in class I and II cavities.
  • Cavity lining under direct restorative materials in class I and II cavities.
  • Small, non occlusal stress-bearing class I restorations according to minimally invasive filling therapy.
  • Class III and V restorations.
  • Extended fi ssure sealing.
  • Undercut block out.
  • Repair of small enamel defects.
  • Repair of small defects in aesthetic indirect restorations.
  • Repair of temporary C&B-materials.
  • Core build-up.


  • 4 mm restoration base in one simple step.
  • Cures reliably in only 10 seconds (shade universal).
  • Perfect surface affi nity for outstanding adaption.
  • Low shrinkage stress.
  • High level of radiopacity (350 %Al).
  • Self-levelling.
  • Can be combined with any methacrylate-based bonding or composite.
  • The non-dripping NDT®-syringe or convenient Flow-Caps with bendable metal cannulae ensure a reliable, precisely accurate application.



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