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Manufacturer: Voco

Origin: Germany

Package: Option


Nano-technology: Small particles – Big effect

Dentists want composite restoratives that have a smooth, non-tacky consistency and also facilitate a simple and efficient procedure. They additionally want composite restoratives that exhibit high chewing and margin stability in the cured state, plus high aesthetics and an optimum shade match.

With Grandio®, VOCO offers a composite that combines ideal processing with outstanding material properties. These special attributes found in Grandio® result from the use of trendsetting nano-technology. All composites are composed of a resin matrix and filler. The proportion of these two components determines the physical properties of the restoration. The aim of dental research: A material with the highest amount of filler possible, that is still easy to process. VOCO fulfills this demand with Grandio®. Because of Grandio®, nano-technology is used: The tiniest fillers, each a millionth of a millimeter, permit an especially high filler content of 87 w/w %. With Grandio®, VOCO had already set a new standard in 2003 as the first manufacturer of a new generation of nano-hybrid composites. Proven worldwide a million times over, Grandio® has long been regarded as a nano-classic. Grandio® ranks among the internally most successful restoratives as a result of its outstanding material properties, universal application with all cavity classes and simple handling. With Grandio®, dentists, and scientists from all over the world confirm the success of the quality and durability of restorations in both the anterior and posterior regions. Because of nano-technology, Grandio® is a high performance composite that features both convincing physical qualities and persuasive, optimum handling attributes.

The allround-talent

Grandio® stands for: • Ideal consistency and simplest handling • E modulus comparable to natural tooth substance • Pronounced abrasion resistance and chewing stability • High biocompatibility thanks to the low resin portion Grandio® is a modern, light-curing, nano-hybrid composite. Nano-particles evenly imbedded in the resin matrix are effectively combined with glass ceramic fillers, for which the particle size has been exactly coordinated. This yields an extremely high filler portion (87 w/w %), a simultaneous reduction in the resin portion and a small amount of poly-merisation shrinkage (1.57%). The extremely high filler content provides Grandio® with a very hard surface, high tensile and transverse strength, plus high edge stability and distinct abrasion resistance. Grandio® also exhibits an E modulus (17.1 GPa) that is comparable to dentine and its behaviour is equally stable and elastic like the surrounding tooth substance under chewing pressure. This also applies to thermal expansion behaviour of Grandio® ( = 19 [10-6/K-1]). The tensions on the cavity walls are considerably reduced and the potential for stress between tooth and restorative is avoided. The risk of both fractures and marginal leakage is reduced and thus the danger of the development of secondary caries.

Grandio® is available in 16 popular shades and delivers the foundation for restorations that are close to the natural model with its tooth-like translucency. With just the one-shade technique, highly aesthetic restorations can be realised with only a minimum amount of effort. The shade guide, made from light-cured original material, simplifies coordination with the natural tooth substance in every case. In combination with the simple application of the material, Grandio® proves to be exceptionally user-friendly. As a universal composite, Grandio® is suitable for multiple dental indications: Class I – V restorations, repairing restoratives, reconstruction of traumatically damaged anteriors, veneering of discoloured anteriors, correction of shape and shade for better aesthetics, splinting and locking of loosened teeth, veneer repairs, core build-ups and composite inlays.

High stability and longevity

Grandio® offers a substantially higher surface hardness and resistance to abrasion than traditional composites. The extremely high filler content provides Grandio® with a distinct surface hardness (285 MHV) that is superior to traditional composites. Grandio® is thus an extremely abrasion resistant material. In comparison tests with other composites made by well-known manufacturers, Grandio® exhibited the least amount of abrasion with 32.5 μm (ACTA method).

The extreme surface hardness and abrasion resistance not only benefit uniform chewing stability and thus clinical stability of the restoration, but also the durability of the polish.

Simplest handling, best result

Grandio® is pleasantly smooth with contemporaneously high filler content and it offers ideal handling properties. Grandio® is characterised by its non-tacky consistency and excellent stability. This consistency makes Grandio® easy to mould and it facilitates adaptation to the existing morphology of the tooth. The short exposure time of 20 seconds provides for a considerable time advantage. The result: stable restorations and natural aesthetics.

Universal nano-hybrid restorative material.

  • Indications
  • Class I to V fi llings
  • Reconstruction of traumatically affected anteriors
  • Facetting of discoloured anteriors
  • Correction of shape and shade for better aesthetic appearance
  • Locking, splinting of loose teeth
  • Repairing veneers
  • Filling deciduous teeth
  • Core-build-up under crowns
  • Composite inlays.

• Excellent physical properties for long-lasting restorations
• Signifi cantly lower polymerisation shrinkage than conventional

• High fi ller content of 87 % w/w
• Extremely high abrasion resistance
• High transverse strength
• Smooth consistency for convenient handling
• Excellent aesthetics
• Can be used with all dentine / enamel bonding agents
• Available in 16 shades
• Shade guide made from original material


Grandio® Flow

Flowable universal nano-hybrid restorative material

  • Indications
  • Filling minimally invasive cavities of all classes
  • Filling small class I cavities and extended fi ssure sealing
  • Filling class II – V cavities including V-shaped defects and cervical caries
  • Blocking out undercuts
  • Lining or coating cavities
  • Repairing fi llings and veneers
  • Luting translucent prosthetic pieces (e.g. full ceramic crowns, etc.)

• Optimal fl owability
• High fi ller content of 80 % w/w
• Exact shade match to Grandio
• Excellent wetting properties
• Microhybrid composite – like physical properties
• Signifi cantly lower polymerisation shrinkage than conventional fl owables
• Very good abrasion resistance
• High transverse strength
• Can be used with all conventional bonding agents
• The shades BL (bleach light) and WO (white opaque) fulfi l special indications:

Bleach light is suited for bleached teeth and for use in paediatric dentistry. The shade white opaque makes an ideal restoration base on e.g. discoloured dentine areas and in core build-up.

Grandio® Flow in the NDT®-syringe
• NDT® means non-dripping-technology
• Especially for fi ne-fl owing materials
• Can be dosed and applied precisely
• Without any loss of material

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