Cerabur K1SM


Manufacturer: Komet

Origin: Germany

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Product description

  • Ceramic round bur
  • High-efficiency cutting design for excavating
  • Slim neck for improved vision


High performance ceramics for controlled, intuitive excavating. The CeraBur K1SM facilitates controlled, intuitive excavation, enabling the user to feel when the instrument leaves the carious, soft dentin.

The outstanding efficiency of the CeraBur K1SM was shown in a study compiled by the University of Münster, Germany. On top, a study prepared by the Queen Mary University of London showed that the service life of the K1SM is three times as long as that of a round tungsten carbide bur.

Cerabur K1SM Description


  • Biocompatible and corrosion-free.
  • High efficiency cutting in carious, soft dentin.
  • Special blade design for smooth operations.

Cerabur K1SM Advantages

Cerabur K1SM Advantages

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