Amaris Gingiva


Manufacturer: Voco

Origin: Germany

Package: Option



Amaris® Gingiva is a light-cured radiopaque restorative which contains 80% fillers in a methacrylate matrix and which can be cured with blue light. Amaris® Gingiva is available in syringes. Amaris® Gingiva is used with a dentin/enamel bond. Amaris® Gingiva is used to treat cervical defects and exposed, discolored or hypersensitive necks of teeth, especially in the visible anterior area. The gingival-like shade and the Opaquer system allow the correct reproduction of the gingiva also in its shade. The system comprises three different Opaquers and a gingiva-shaded composite restorative in a basic color.

The light-cured Opaquers are used to cover discolored cervical areas and to individually adapt the restoration to the surrounding gingiva.
The light-cured Amaris® Gingiva allows a simplified and fast restorative technique.



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  • Highly esthetic chairside composite restorative which can be adapted to a large variety of gingiva colors.
  • One basic color and three mixable opaquers can reproduce virtually all gingiva colors.
  • Cervical areas exposed after gingival recession and cervical V-shaped defects can be restored esthetically and functionally.
  • Gingiva colors now also for chairside use.
  • Advanced composite technique: Amaris® Know-How in gingiva colors for highly esthetic restorations beyond the gingival margin.


  • Composite restoration in gingiva colors.
  • V-shaped defects.
  • Exposed cervical areas.
  • Esthetic corrections also in the gingival area.
  • Primary splinting.

Dentists know of these clinical situations, ones which can be functionally restored with tooth-shaded composites, but not resolved esthetically.
Cervical defects caused by:

  • Decay
  • Functional overload
  • Periodontitis
  • Abrasive brushing
  • Malposition of teeth
  • Hypomineralized hard dental tissue
  • Age-related retreating gingival line

So far can be treated functionally, but not esthetically.

Defects in hard dental tissue could be restored with toothshaded composites. However, when the gingival retreats, this prolongs the optical appearance of the tooth beyond the gingival line.

If the restoration is carried out with tooth-shaded composites, both dentist and patient are rarely satis fied.

A disruption of the gingival “garland” line cannot be compensated with a tooth-shaded restorative.
Amaris® Gingiva is a composite restorative system spe cifically developed for the cervical area. One gingiva color and three opaquers, which can be mixed with each other, let you reproduce a multitude of gingival colors. Amaris Gingiva allows you to restore cervical defects both functionally and esthetically.

In laboratory-made restorative pieces, gingiva-colored materials have long been used successfully. Amaris® Gingiva now offers a chairside solution for this specific area of tooth anatomy.

Primary splinting of teeth with extended periodontal defects is a frequent application. Amaris® Gingiva allows to carry out this task without impairing the esthetics of the patient’s smile.

The gingiva-colored composite also allows you to restore exposed crown rims on otherwise intact PFM crowns, and thus satisfying the demands of your patients.

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