Almagam – H32


Manufacturer: Komet

Origin: Germany

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H32 – for a remarkably quick removal of amalgam fillings without adverse
health effects

The removal of old amalgam fillings has always been a topic of discussion in the den- tal practice. Besides the aspect of health protection, special emphasis has been placed above all on keeping the treatment time as short as possible. The H32 has been developed as a specialised instrument for this very purpose.

Amalgam remover with innovative toothing and blade configuration

A distinctive characteristic is the trans- versing blade creating an end-cutting tip which gives the H32 its impressive axial drill- ing ability and ensures low resistance to penetration. The blade configuration features a large chip space which provides optimal cutting action – all these properties are preconditions for the effortless and speedy use of this bur.

Special emphasis is placed on the toothing with a pyramid-shaped cutting tip. While the even arrangement of the special blades facil- itates the efficient cutting of amalgam, the clearly defined chip spaces allow proper removal of the debris.

Almagam – H32

Compared to frequently used diamond abra- sives, the H32 will not clog, thus preventing the otherwise unavoidable generation of excessive heat.

Another positive feature is the high resist- ance to fracture due to the stable bur head and the strong joint at the shank. In addition, the vibrationreduced, almost milling-like operation ensures a much more comfortable treatment.

Superior performance due to shorter treatment times

All aspects considered, the H32 is indeed an outstandingly efficient, highly specialised instrument – confirming the tried and tested Komet quality. Old amalgam fillings are removed in no time at all and with rela- tively low heat generation, releasing only a minimum of potentially toxic mercury vapour, thus protecting the health of both patients and all members of the dental practice team.

Recommendations of use

  • The H32 is used by drilling into the filling in axial direction or from an inclined position (1).
  • Then several longitudinal and transver- sal separation grooves are cut (2), depending on the size of the filling. By dividing the filling into segments, fragments of the filling might come apart which can then be removed from the cavity. Filling residues are removed with suitable hand instruments or with the H32.
  • In order to achieve an optimal balance between heat development, generation of mercury vapour and material re- duction, it is recommended to use the H32 in the red contra-angle, at an optimal speed of (000 rpm. The H32 can also be used in the turbine.
  • To reduce friction heat, apply low con- tact pressure only (<2N) and use plenty of water cooling (at least 50 ml/min.)

Almagam – H32

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