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Manufacturer: FKG

Origin: Switzerland

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The IRace.

This sequence is really easy to use, economic andenables treatment of a majority of canals with just three instruments.


Thanks to their exclusive characteristics, only three iRace NiTi rotary instruments are needed to treat the majority of cases (straight, slightly curved or wide canals). The iRace sequence allows preparation up to a diameter of ISO 30/.04. With its ease of use and manipulation, it results in considerable time savings. This sequence can be delivered in a sterile blister.

+ 3 instruments  : R1 15/.06, R2 25/.04 and R3 30/.04

+ Leghth : 21, 25, 31 mm.

+ Speed : 600 vòng/phút.

+ Torque: 1.5 Ncm.


Complementary iRace Plus kit.
In addition to the basic sequence, two highly flexible instruments (with taper of .02) allow treatment of more difficult cases (highly curved, narrow or calcified canals). This kit can be delivered in a sterile blister.



Golden rules.

+ Speed : 600 rpm
+ Torque : 1.5 Ncm

  • Ample to-and-fro movements;
  • Let the instrument do the work, with a light touch;
  • Work for 3-4 seconds at a time, then remove, clean the file and irrigate the canal.

iRace: 3 instruments.

For most cases (straight, slightly curved and/or large canals).

  1. Insert R1, in rotate mode, until it reaches the working length (WL); However if R1 cannot reach the WL, do not force it; proceed to the iRace Plus protocol step 1;
  2. Continue shaping with R2 up to the WL;
  3. Finish the preparation with R3 up to the WL.

For bigger apical size preparation, please connect to to find the full range of FKG instruments.

iRace Plus: 2 instruments.

For difficult cases (severely curved, narrow and/or calcified canals).

Continued from iRace protocol step 1.

  1.  Use R1a up to the WL;
  2.  Continue shaping with R1b up to the WL; Once you reach the WL, start over from iRace protocol step 2.

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